We at SOLARCORP are a for-profit corporation specializing in advanced research, trade, exploration, and mineral re-factorization. Join a corporation that is a universal leader in its fields and has specialized characteristics. Our members and employees are courteous and law-abiding citizens who share our passion for advancing humanity’s reach into the stars.


SOLARCORP is always looking forward to meeting talented individuals who share our philosophy. When you apply here at SOLARCORP you’re not applying for a job but rather a career! You can earn reputation and influence within the corporation and climb the corporate ladder by participating in, and working toward goals that are of benefit and interest of the corporation.

One Rung At A Time

SOLARCORP offers several ways to climb the rungs of the corporate ladder outside of gameplay, these include:

  • Recruitment – recruiting new members to the corporation
  • Marketing – advertising for us by using our logo or banner in the forums
  • Development – creating imagery or content that enhances the SOLARCORP image around the verse.


SOLARCORP believes that a corporation is only as good as its leaders. By becoming a member of the board at SOLARCORP you will be in charge of corporate assets, fleets, and/or capital ships as the corporation grows. Our brave leaders of tomorrow are mature, intelligent, and have a deep commitment to the corporation, its members, and its goals.


You can also read our Mission Statement and view our Organization Structure