Mission Statement

Provide our customers with the next generation of products and innovation through our deep knowledge of the changing interstellar civilian and military technology and research market

At SOLARCORP we believe that the answers of tomorrow are here today! Our researcher’s, prospectors, explorers, engineers and mercenaries are at the forefront of the universe advancing our interests. We are a corporation specializing in advanced research and exploration. We will create breakthroughs along the way developing and shaping our universe for generations to come.

Our members and employees are shareholders within the corporation that enjoy working independently and/or as groups throughout the cosmos to fulfill various agendas. Having the flexibility to work leisurely and independently tranlsates into more passionate work yielding better results.

Here at SOLARCORP we take security and safety seriously. We strive to ensure that all member and corporate assets have the appropriate provisions in hostile territories to complete their missions with success

Corporate Resources
The Corporation could not exist without its employees, members, and affiliates. We believe that nobody should face adversity alone and encourage our members to utilize the corporation and its assets to overcome any hurdles that we may encounter. As we may encounter obstacles in our day to day routines we encourage our members to not get caught performing in any less than legal activities. Building and expanding our relationships throughout the verse is critical to the success of the corporation and cannot be done without trust.